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By applying the core values of sister restaurant 677 Prime; Prime Burger is a concept that takes the classic formula of the burger and shake restaurant and elevates it using signature blends of USDA Prime Beef. Some choices you'll get to know are our dry aged Prime Burger patty, a 100% grass fed and finished Randall Lineback heritage breed burger, an organic all natural fried chicken patty, and of course, (the vegan) Beyond Burger. If you know us, you know we love over-the-top desserts; so make sure to indulge in an 'outrageous shake'!

More about Chef Jaime Ortiz:

Jaime Ortiz was born and raised in Manhattan, the main influence of his culinary flair which uses a variety of foods and cultures. The focus of his cuisine is to put a spin on comforting daily favorites; all the while pushing the boundaries of culinary rules. He has been awarded numerous scholarships, Junior Chef of the Year by the American Culinary Federation, and a myriad of silver and gold competition medals. Chef Ortiz has done stints at top restaurants in New York City and Chicago including Aquavit and Daniel to name a few. He has achieved countless culinary awards and recognition, both individually and as an inspiring team member. Chef Ortiz opened several restaurants as corporate chef of Mazzone Hospitality; one of which is 677, which he owns himself as of early 2017. Critics have called his approach to food “passionately playful”. Chef Ortiz’s dedication to delicious food, his appreciation for diversity, his constant quest for knowledge, and his dedicated experience make him a valuable and admired innovator.

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